Therapeutic Exercises 

Slow, Gentle Stretches (20 seconds/each).
Repetition Stretching Exercises (20 repetitions).
Repetition Strength Exercises (as many as possible).
Hold Strength Exercises (as long as possible).

- Stretch Both Arms Behind Back, Join Hands Together, Shoulders Out, Chin Tilt Up 20s.
- Externally Rotate Arms, Chin Tilt Up 20s.
- Neck ROM (10-20s Stretch Each Motion).
- Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion (Bilateral), Rotation (Bilateral).
- Cat / Camel (20 Reps).
- Low Back Stretch (20s).
- Push-Ups (As Many as Possible), Hands Close Together (as Many as Possible).
- Superman (Hold as Long as Possible).
- Opposite Arm / Opposite Leg (AKA Bird Dog) Bilateral: Hold Each as Long as Possible.
- Leg Raises (as Many as Possible).
- Crunches (as Many as Possible).
- Yoga Ball (20 Reps or as Many as Possible).
- Jumping Jacks (200 Reps or as Many as Possible), Jumps (optional), Run in Place (Optional).
- Mid Belly Hamstring Stretch (20s Each Side).
- Lower Hamstring Stretch (20s).
- Quadriceps Stretch (20s Each Side).
- Psoas Stretch (20s Each Side).
- Knee to Chest (20s Each Side), Both Knees to Chest (20s).
- Lat Pull Ups with Weights (From All Directions, as Many as Possible).
- Bicep Curls with Weights (Both Arms, as Many as Possible).
- Shoulder (Deltoids) Press (as Many as Possible).
- Upper Traps Shoulder Shrugs (as Many as Possible).
- Tricep Curls (as Many as Possible).
- Tricep Bench (as Many as Possible).
- Squats (as Many as Possible), Hold 90 Degree Squat Position (as Long as Possible), Squat Jumps (as Many as Possible).
- Swimming (Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Side Stroke, Butterfly (Advanced), Backstroke (Advanced).  All Swimming Strokes offer beneficial therapeutic exercise.  We do not recommend swimming in chemically treated water or polluted waters.  The beneficial exercise may not outweigh the negative effects caused by the exposure to chemicals and other environmental pollutants.  Always choose naturally clean waters when swimming.