Laboratory Services

Would you like an interpretation of lab testing you’ve previously had performed from or a recommendation of which tests are most appropriate for your health condition? 

Our services address the following issues:

  • Lab testing evaluation

  • Blood sugar

  • Blood pressure

  • Lipid profile improvements

  • Water fasting, juice fasting, and cleanse programs

  • General health and well-being improvement

  • Strategies for implementing a healthy diet and lifestyle in the real world


What if I’m interested in labwork?

The first step is to make a payment and schedule the pre-lab appointment. This is where we go over your relevant background, discuss your individual goals and needs, and decide which tests performed by which labs are most appropriate for your situation. Clinical relevance, cost, convenience, etc. all go into the decision making process. I’ll then send you the appropriate forms and/or kits, along with personalized instructions to have your labwork tested.

At that time, you’ll make a second payment for the labwork itself.    Payment for the post-lab consult can be added to the labwork fees at the rate of $150 per hour.   It typically takes one hour for the pre-lab consult, and one hour for the post-lab consult when there are challenges to address, but for straightforward situations one hour can cover both the pre and post lab consult.  One hour is also generally sufficient if you already have labwork you would like me to analyze and explain to you.

Once the labs have been processed I will spend the necessary time to analyze your findings. After that I will personally go over the results and explain what it all means to you in a way that you can understand.  After we discuss all of the findings from the lab I will then talk about recommendations to where to go from now.  I certainly wouldn't want to leave you empty handed after reviewing the results.  There might be health goals in the form of dietary changes, or supplements, even follow-tests to get you on your way to feeling better and in control of your optimal health. 

What if I’m not interested in labwork?

I’m more than happy to consult with you for nutritional guidance, answer any questions you may have, or interpret any past labwork you are interested in having evaluated if you are confused or unclear of where to go next in your health recovery.

To schedule a consult with me, please make a payment below, then click on the contact us tab at the bottom of this paragraph. Fill out the contact information regarding your interest in consulting and/or lab testing. Please offer a few consult time options that fit your schedule, while keeping in mind I am on the West Coast of the United States, Pacific Time, UTC -8.  Dr. Nicholas will try to prompty response to your inquiry as it is received. 

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