What guests have shared about their experience.




"I stayed for about 19 days at Hawaiian Fasting Retreats at the beginning of February 2014.  I had done lots of research with True North, Goldberg in ATL, Alicia in Georgia, Tanglewood, Martha's Vineyard.. etc and am so glad I found the goregous property in Hawaii.  I heard someone say life rips you a part and fasting brings you all back together.  Loved being at this location, Dr. Tancheff was very attentive and present throughout the process.  This was my first fast and I accomplished more than I could of imagined. Skin glow, bags gone, inflammation WAY down, slept great, mental clairty, lost weight and hopefully got rid of some major toxins and parasites.  Of course the process is not at all easy (be sure to do what Dr. Tancheff recommends about prior to your visit)) but there are people here that are doing the same thing which is so motivating!  I was able to find out through the lab testing about my thyroid and low idione levels which was also beneficial in moving forward.  I think I will encorporate fasting in to my routine for many years to come.  Thanks to all who were inspiring to get my body on a major kickstart.  I haven't felt this pure, healthy, cleansed in 10 years."



"Dr. Nicholas you are amazing in the way you get along with even the most difficult people.  I hope to keep in touch.  I loved your smoothies and you are very caring, compassionate kind man and true servant. Though I had little contact with Robert he also seems to care about helping people achieve their ultimate health.. and Pedro is a lovely human being and hard, hard worker.  Hope to keep in touch.  


It is hard to remain anonomyous your only guest from MI, Betty."




“I have recently returned from Hawaiian Fasting Retreats, where I completed an extremely successful 24 day water fast.  I decided to fast for both detox purposes and general health, and it was a privilege to undergo this process in such breathtaking surroundings.  The retreat property was beautiful, with amazing views and very comfortable bedrooms, and I really enjoyed fasting in such a peaceful and therapeutic environment.  I also really relished the intimate feel of the retreat, and the sense of community, and the library of fasting and health books/DVDs was a brilliant resource that really made a difference to my fast.  However, I think it was largely Nick’s extensive knowledge, guidance, and support that made my fasting experience such a success, and the Big Island’s amazing fruit and scenery certainly made the refeeding process a delight.  I am extremely happy that I decided to come to this wonderful, friendly, and reasonably-priced facility, and can recommend it to anyone considering fasting in the highest possible terms."

Emily x


”Arriving to Pohoiki Beach, I saw Dr. Nick waiting for me... we connected very well, then had a chat on the ocean waters.  Nick makes you feel very comfortable and is very humble with all his experiences and education.

"The location for fasting is surrounded by lava rocks and a 10 minute walk to water access (tidepools).  He has a small pool onsite.  The house is two stories with huge decks outside your rooms for nude sunbathing.  Nick checks in with you daily and takes vitals.

"I would say that this may be one of the better locations ever and the confidence I feel as a beginning faster is very high with Nick who is so easily accessible daily.  He also gives amazing body work too for $60/hour.

"Nick had a way to reassure me and help me continue on day 5 when I really wanted to break my fast early.

"My main reason to fast was to get rid of a staph infection that has lingered for 9 weeks, and to heal a sprained ankle, and seeing myself super lean was also an added bonus!  All this has happened by the end of day 6, now I must continue one more day just to be sure... it's not easy, be strong, and commit.  www.hawaiianfastingretreats.com is so affordable for what you get (approx. $100/day at this time, so hurry here)... Hawaii is amazing... save some time to explore after your refeeding!”

Much love,
Aloha, Darrick


“I have fasted at a number of clinics, but my time on the Big Island with Dr. Nick Tancheff was one of the fasting centers I would return to.  Nick is a true healer, and gives 100% support to his patients.  The clinic setting is calm, with fruit trees, a view of the ocean, and the ultimate place to heal.  I read slept, and let the islands nurturing balmy breezes allow me to rest completely.  Nick has a body work technique that helped me with debilitating pain.  I can now move my hands, walk, hike, and my knee pain has lifted.  The other aspect of the Island is the pureness of the fruits and the air.  The fruits are exotic and one could easily live on them.  I felt full, whole, and new.”

Susan Hunter
Berkeley, CA
July, 2010


“While it's difficult to be concise when sharing what I appreciate about Dr. Nick Tancheff, I'll say the number one thing is that I have never had a health care provider / healer EVER care so much or go out of their way so much for my well being.  He gives clear, helpful advice, is patient, and listens well.”

Diane K.
36 days fasting patient


“Dr. Tancheff and Dr. Amy are professional, compassionate and truly caring individuals and have been great help to me during my over a month long water fasting period.  My essential hypertension has been resolved following my 43 day fast and I am no longer on any western medications or medications of any kind.  If it were not for their genuine care and coaching, I would have not been able to make it through my water fasting, and we have since then kept in contact as friends.”

Ben Kaboly
age 72


“For forty days from the end of August to the beginning of October in 2005 I was supervised by Nick Tancheff and Amy Smith and a couple of other doctors at True North Health.  Both Nick and Amy provided compassionate care for me while I went through my fast.  Nick inspired me with his many years of experience and his knowledge of fasting and raw food.  On many occasions when I was discouraged they prayed for me and spent extra time with me.  I have made many positive changes in my life with encouragement from Nick and Amy.  In particular, I am now 100% raw and have much more vitality than I had before my fast.  I wouldn't hesitate to be part of the Choose Life community for any period of time.”

Laurie Dunford
(Inflammatory Breast Cancer)


“While on a recent water-only fast I had the pleasure of being under the care of Amy Smith and Nick Tancheff.  Not only did they display confident and competent professional care but their attention to the individual during such a sensitive time was paramount.  It was refreshing to meet two people who really walk their talk!  I look forward to visiting their new facility for a future fasting experience.”

Julie Engfer
Fort Bragg, CA


“I fasted for 15 days at True North Health Institute from the 3rd week of Sept. until the 2nd week of Oct. '05.  I then refed for 7 days.  Nick Tancheff was an intern there at the time and I am very grateful he was there.  It was very inspiring to me to have a caregiver who had been very ill himself and had used fasting and diet to recover his own health.  The rest of the staff there had never been sick and most had never fasted for more than a few days saying they couldn't make it any further when asked about their personal experience with fasting.  Notencouraging to hear when one is having a difficult time.  Nick however has fasted more than once and at one time for 30 days.

"I was very concerned when I arrived about losing too much weight since I was already quite underweight -- 95 lbs at 5'5".  Nick related to me his own experience becoming very underweight during his healing and explained it was part of the process -- the body cleaning house.  And looking at how healthy he is now, I knew I could trust him.  He also provided much information about refeeding and the importance of eating raw.  That is something I now realize in many cases is essential to recovery from chronic illness, so it was a blessing that he was there to provide us with that information.

"During my fast, my pain, and inflammation -- I am currently experiencing the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis -- which I know I will soon heal from all of these efforts with natural hygiene -- went way down.  Upon refeeding, I ate some cooked food as is the general practice at True North so some of the pain returned.  However, now I am doing my best to eat raw fruit and vegetables and keep my fat intake way down.  With that plan, my pain and inflammation are lessening and my energy is increasing.  It took years for my body to create this illness under thepoor conditions I was living so it will take awhile of good living to correct the problems.

"Nick is a very committed and inspirational individual.  I think he would do an excellent job of establishing and running a fasting retreat in Kenya.  I hope to fast with him there one day!

"If anyone has any questions about my experience, feel free to contact me.”

Monique Sauve
age 37


"Ahhhhhhhh, Amy and Nick!!  I can’t even express how blessed I am to have had Amy and Nick assist me in my 21 day fast Nov/Dec of 2005.  These two were powerful energies and very knowledgeable.  I endured a 'challenging' period at True North and Amy and Nick guided me through it with great ease, confidence and compassion.  Amy would always cheer me up when I was feeling low.  She’s an EXCELLENT Raw Chef, by the way!  Nick is “Johnny on the Spot.”  I rang for help one evening and it was as if he used floo powder to reach my bedside!  I am really looking forward to fasting again in the very near future in Kenya with my new friends!"



“I met Nick on the tails of my discovery of the power in the Prayer of Jabez, fasting, and Natural Hygiene.  Always curious about the nature of health, I read and studied an abundance of medical literature, yet was never satisfied with the information presented.  Healthy living should be a natural instinct in our lives yet our society is full of disease, illness, discomfort.  Appreciating the natural ability of the body to heal itself, I studied chiropractic and practiced for a year in western Virginia.  The improvements yielded from chiropractic treatments seemed to leave the patients desiring even greater health, yet I lacked the knowledge to fulfill their needs.  I would read literature concerning Natural Hygiene, sensing the truth of health lurked within, so I was constantly on the lookout for more.  I met a fellow Doctor of Chiropractic that had interned in fasting at the True North Health Center and I knew that was where I would gain the experience to learn and practice health.  I prayed the Prayer of Jabez and was granted an internship there under Dr. Alan Goldhamer.

"Nick had already been interning at the Center for a month when I arrived.  Blessed with the presence of a fellow Christian with personal experience in fasting, I was able to quickly learn the principles of Natural Hygiene.  I immediately began eating live, whole foods and felt my health improve everyday.  I learned that proper education on the nature of health and the application to change the lifestyle produced enormous benefits.  I also acknowledged the power of Faith to affect the ability of the body to heal.  Lack of faith caused fear and resistance, draining energy from the healing process and only allowing for a fraction of the benefits that could be produced.  This knowledge deepened my faith and an appreciation of the blessings the Father showers into our lives.

"Working with Nick allowed us to discuss and review each patient we fasted and we kept in touch with them when possible to learn of their continued benefits and any obstacles they had in applying Natural Hygiene into their lives.  Excited about all the results I was witnessing and with the encouragement of Nick, I determined to experience fasting myself.

"I undertook a 40 day fast with the blessed assurance of Nick's skills and encouragement.  Fasting cleansed my body, purified my blood, and removed excess weight.  Praying each day with Nick and embracing my faith in the Lord and my body, my fast was smooth and comfortable.  I am still constantly gleaning improvements in my health as a result of my fast and adherence to the Laws of Health.

"Nick shared with me his vision of creating a community that would promote health, faith, and peace.  Bodies would be healed, lifestyles mended, needs provided due to and as a result of the love and blessing of God.”

Amy Danielle Smith, D.C.