There are a few supplements that we would recommend. We are fully aware of the high quality and benefit of adding these supplements to your daily lifestyle.  In fact we use them ourselves, or otherwise would never promote and recommend them to others.

GMO Policy


Pure Encapsulations makes every effort possible to source non-GMO ingredients.


Our vitamins are non-GMO. This includes vitamin E which is derived from PCR-negative soybean oil, indicating that there is no presence of genetically modified DNA.


High risk ingredients including soy isoflavones and nattokinase are derived from non-GMO soybeans. There is also no detectable GMO material in our soy-derived alpha-GPC or phytosterols. Furthermore, we have obtained non-GMO documentation from our suppliers for ingredients originally derived from corn.


For other ingredients, we have either obtained non-GMO documentation as well or are working diligently with our suppliers to obtain non-GMO documentation.